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Latar Belakang USSB

Usaha Strategik Sdn Bhd was officially established on 30th December 2002. Starting as a consultancy company, it gives full commitment in giving consultancy and motivation services toward human resources development in Malaysia.

Start with a small company in Pusat Bandar Puchong and operated by only 4 employees, Usaha Strategik keep committed to achieve their target. Nowadays, USSB have almost 20 employees to run business operation in Mutiara Indah, Puchong and Desa Subang, Subang.

From year to year, USSB actively involved in providing training and successfully develop almost 50,000 participants through more than 1,000 programmes. All the programmes involved diversified categories of participants such as public and private agencies, clubs, non-governmental organization (NGO), sport department, religious institution, universities and school.

Apart from training, USSB also actively involved in handling event management, and merchandising. Until now, USSB has almost 500 customers.

In 2010, USSB start to explore new business field in biomass sector, manufacturing, and import export. This effort shows a positive result as USSB currently successful attract foreign buyer from Japan, Korea and China to supply Biomass Pellet for 10 years on toward

Entitle as Bumiputera Company that hold responsibilities for society, USSB also established private school, Sekolah Rendah Islam Sri Suria at Desa Subang, Subang since 2013. This origin of this institution is to contribute in Islamic religion. Thus this institution was created for Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) purpose.

Pasukan Kami

2018 was a challenging year. In the ‘slow road back’ condition of 2018, USSB remains committed and supportive in contributing our services to the industry. We will endure to efficiently execute our long term contracts with our clients as well as be resourceful in developing our revenue stream.

For year 2019, strategic movements will be implemented to improve our operation. Internal restructuring, cost management program, unnecessary overhead reductions are among the various cautious approaches will be taken throughout this year for the company future. Of course all necessary actions will be taken to ensure our company always sustains to maintain its business is always on top. Foremost, we assure that our company’s operations will persist as it has been, as such change will not reflect our core business function as the main distributor for pellet, training provider & event management. Our services towards our clients and partners remain well-founded and solid.

Despite the volatile outlook, we will not compromise quality in delivering our services. 2019 will be the glory year for USSB.

Kata Pengantar oleh Pengarah Urusan untuk Tahun 2019

Moto Kami



Kami akan sentiasa bertahan walaupun pelbagai cabaran yang perlu ditempuhi bersama dengan pasukan yang kuat dan bertenaga


Kami akan sentiasa efisyen dalam melaksanakan tugas bagi memastikan produk dan perkhidmatan yang diterima oleh klien adalah berkualiti tinggi


Kami akan sentiasa berusaha untuk memastikan klien menerima perkhidmatan yang terbaik dan berpuas hati

Visi & Misi


Menjadi sebuah syarikat bumiputera yang serba boleh, berpotensi tinggi dan terkemuka dalam semua cabang perniagaan syarikat, serta berdaya saing pada peringkat domestik mahupun global.


USSB bermatlamat untuk menubuhkan dan membangunkan identiti dan potensi individu untuk memenuhi keperluan pembangunan modal manusia dengan memberi tumpuan kepada pertumbuhan jiwa fikiran kelas pertama.

Polisi Kualiti Kami

Quality Measurement

We are committed to fulfil our customer’s satisfaction towards our products and always take positive and progressive action to meet our goals.

Quality Principles

We provide a compromising activity but we are reluctant to accept any compromise when it’s related to quality of our content, product and services given. It is because we always prioritise our result.


Great things never come from comfort zones.