Our Background

Usaha Strategik Sdn Bhd is officially established on 30th December 2002. We started as a training consultant company and later on, we actively involved in event management, printing, and merchandising services. All of the services we have done before expanding our business seriously in biomass and engineering.

We are committed to provide the best for every service and production of our product to ensure the best result for our client.


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Establishment History of USSB



USSB Establishment


Training & Consultation, Event Management


Technological Collaboration With DASH


Research Collaboration


Biomass Market Exploration


Contract Sign Off


The first USSB’s EFB Pellets Factory

Our Leader

Board of Directors
Tuan Haji Azman Mat Isa, P.P.W
Za’im Hadi Meskam
Tuan Haji Azman Mat Isa, P.P.W

Managing Director

Za’im Hadi Meskam

Executive Director

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid

Head of Human Resources and Finance

Ir. Dr. Maizirwan Mel

Chief of Technical

Bukhari Buang

General Manager

Mohd Hafiq Mohd Husni

Senior Manager

Alfishah Mahamud

Senior Manager

Ahmad Jamel Othman

Administrative Manager

Fatimah Jameelah

Finance Manager

Ridzuan Hamdan

Biomass Manager

2019 was a challenging year. In the ‘slow road back’ condition of 2019, USSB remains committed and supportive in contributing our services and products to the industry. We will endure to efficiently execute our long-term contracts with our clients as well as be resourceful in developing our revenue stream.


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Vision & Mission



To become the world’s leading companies with high-performance achievement and gave impact in contributing to the domestic and world’s economy.


To become a producer and supplier of green technology and solid waste management through the production of EFB palm pellets and other products that will help to reduce uncontrolled biomass waste, and at the same time helping to protect the environment.

To establish and develop the identity and individual potentials in fulfilling human capital development by focusing on the growth of the first-class minds.

Our Motto



Our companies team members are full of energy, spirit dan high competency to fulfil client needs and wishes.


We will always be efficient in carrying out our tasks and responsibilities to ensure that the product and service received by our clients in high quality.


We will always strive to ensure that our clients get good effective impact and satisfaction in all effort that we have done.

Our Quality Policies

Quality Measurement

We are committed to fulfilling our client’s satisfaction with our products and services, and always take positive and progressive action to meet the goals.

Quality Principles

We can compromise on methods or modules, but we are reluctant to accept any compromise when it is related to the quality of our contents, products, and services. It is because we always prioritize high-quality outcomes.

Our Strategic Partners


Detik Aturan Sdn. Bhd.

Detik Aturan Sdn Bhd (DASB) is a company wholly-owned by the Bumiputera. DASB is one of the pioneers in the production of biomass products derived from palm oil empty fruit bunches in Malaysia. We are working together from the standpoint of strengthening the supply chain and market development product.

Pakar Go-Green Sdn. Bhd.

Our cooperation is to develop high-quality biochar products based on the waste of palm oil empty fruit bunch. This collaboration focuses on data and technology sharing that can be used to produce quality products on a larger scale in a more efficient and effective way.

Universiti Islam Antarabangsa Malaysia

This collaboration is to conduct research and product development from palm oil waste, especially the empty fruit bunch for commercial purposes.

Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology

The collaboration was created for holistic partnerships between the Japanese industry and their business entities with Malaysian industries and agencies through R&D and social community projects. We are taking advantage of existing partnerships between two governments to focus on aspects of developing the supply chain that is acceptable to the Japanese market.

Universiti Sains Malaysia

We are collaborating to enhance the training, and market some of the expert’s product innovation. For example, the results from great and quality research such as Bal Ex can give people new hope for hearing and body balance problems.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

We are also working with this university to keep up with up to date development on the community, economic and other issues.

Great things never come from comfort zones.

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